Flooring Options For Your home Office

Flooring Options For Your home OfficeWhen you work in an office you don’t worry about want type the floor is. Or maybe once when you spilled your morning coffee on the carpet. However, if you feel that you need a fresh start and decide to start your own business, having an office becomes a priority. Obviously, you’ll need a place where you can perform your day to day operations, be creative and productive and most importantly receive prospective customers or business partners. So, getting your home office right is really important.

When building a house or any structure for that matter one starts from the bottom and works their way up to the top. The same holds true for setting up your own office. Moving furniture and office equipment before painting is unpractical at least. So, when you draft your plan, put flooring first. Choose wisely what type of floor will suit your requirements best. Price and maintenance are also vital points to have in mind.

To spare you time and effort find below some of the most popular alternatives for your home office flooring.

Strange to have tiles, but… They boast a number of advantages that can’t be dismissed easily. Tiles are durable, allow for foot traffic abuse and are easy to clean. What’s more you can create all types of design impressions from sophisticated modern looks to traditional, ancient feel. On the downside tiles have to be laid down properly. Otherwise frustration with uneven surfaces may ensue.

Polished Floors
Being popular for centuries, polished flooring is regarded by many as a symbol for high social status. Besides great impression on prospective customers and partners, polished floor is easy to clean and maintain. However, loose floorboards can be noisy. Another issue to consider is damage caused by office chairs. Placing chair mats can save you lots of problems later.

Carpets and rugs are all time favorites. Carpet has been used in office spaces for many years now. And that’s not a coincidence. It is functional and effective. What’s more choosing a nice pattern and you can build all your interior decor around it. Tempted to save on the cost of your office carpet and you risk losing money in the future. Quality carpet will last longer and provide better service to you.

Another important aspect to have in mind when picking a carpet is whether it’s fabric is appropriate for the area in which you will install it. If you think there will be a significant amount of foot traffic then you need a durable, low pile carpet. On the other hand, if you won’t receive too many people, you can go for a plush, high pile and attractive carpet.

This guest post is written and contributed by Petar Bo on behalf of All Carpets Cleaned, a carpet cleaning company in London, UK.

Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreasnilsson1976/2384535946/

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    1. David Graham says:

      Great article Petar!

      In my experience, carpets demand way more maintenance than any other type of flooring. If you can afford it, hardwood is way better to have at home, than any other type of floor surface.

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