Window Dressing

Window DressingWindow coverings are important to the look of a room, of course, but forget to design window treatments, do not consider what your overall approach has the same “outside his home.

In general, all window coverings with similar colors that are essential to improve the appearance of your home. For example, a house with a blue curtain on one side and the other with yellow curtains, the prospects are not properly balanced, the other looks like on the sidewalk.

Its window dressing also colors should harmonize with the colors outside the house. For example, the white curtains are usually lined with small dark image area while smaller white drawings printed in white, can be effective to add more interest in the common exterior of a house as possible.

Lined with bright yellow curtains bring beacon in the night. If you are the desired effect, signs, white lace or even pure can be tinted with a pale yellow. If you have a printed fabric, print lining covers the window with a heavy fabric gives the model through the night, when lit, the lights shine.

For privacy, no bulky fabrics, investments by large glass engraved or stained. You can learn the art of stained glass is relatively easy, and though the windows of my husband and I have done in our home can not be perfect, these deficiencies something special for us as we have done professionally.

The participation of jewelry in Windows adds shine and rainbows, as the effects in a room. Designs etched glass, is made with paper and rubber sandblast simpler than creating templates to make stained glass. Windows damaged great look of the street, which is an added touch of elegance and class to the outside of your home.

Creating spaces that are very friendly people are warm and happy is an important part of the decor, but what the style of the house where you live, you can significantly improve the general appearance also pay particular attention to how your window treatments of the road look.

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